Charpai Bed or Khat is a traditional Indian bed made of woven ropes or jute stretched over a wooden frame, widely used in rural areas. The Charpai Bed holds significant cultural and historical significance, as it has been a symbol of simplicity and hospitality for centuries.

In Hinduism, the Charpai Bed or Khat is also known as Kanha Ji’s bed, and it is believed to be the favorite resting place of Lord Krishna as a child. Laddu Gopal, another name for the infant form of Lord Krishna, is often placed on this bed during devotional worship.

The Charpai Bed for Kanha Ji Laddu Gopal is a miniature version of the traditional bed, intricately crafted with fine details and designs. These beds are often made of wood and adorned with vibrant colors and traditional motifs, creating an exquisite decorative piece for devotees to display in their homes.

The Charpai Bed for Kanha Ji Laddu Gopal is a unique and culturally significant addition to any household, bringing the essence of Indian traditions and spirituality into the home.

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 7 cm


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